Wednesday, October 26, 2011


i wish that time could just stop. stop long enough for me to...

catch up on my hours and hours of sleep,

take pictures and jot down journal entries of memories that just need to be recorded and remembered,

get to know my dslr more since i've abandoned it since its adoption in summer,

not worry about the next midterm or the next assignment, or the readings that i haven't done yet

gather up my thoughts and just process them so they wouldn't be jumped in my mind,

pray, talk to Him, tell Him everything

take a walk, bundled up in fall clothing, breathing in the crisp, autumn air, soaking in the warmth of the sun

have dinner with my family

just have fun with my parents, talk to them


catch up in all of my courses

work and earn more money so i could spend more ...sometimes,

read the books i've wanted to read again this summer

write something, like my novel three years ago

have coffee with a friend and just laugh over silly things

hang out with people i don't get to see very often

... my eyes are fighting against me from last week and the beginning of this week. it's a fight that i know will hurt to keep defending but i have to, or else school is going to kill me. metaphorically.

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  1. Oh my friend, I have so been there. When I was in school working two jobs and trying to be married, I felt this exact way. I felt like it would never end, but it does! I promise! Just last night, I came home from work, collapsed on the couch and read a book until 9:30 when I fell asleep. Two years ago, I wouldn't have thought those relaxing moments existed?! And I'm still busy and have a hectic schedule, but I find time to relax now that I'm done with school. I promise you will find it too. You can do it!!! I'll be praying you find rest for your heart and your mind.