Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happiness Challenge -- Day #1

Things that made me happy today (in the subtle way):

  1. I'm a little bit "OCD" when it comes to organizing and planning events -- it's something that I absolutely love and enjoy doing but it's also one of my biggest weaknesses because I allow it to consume me and very often, stress me out. So for the last week, I've been the contact person for the young people's outing we had tonight: my responsibility was to gather what times the young people could be at the hall, hand them over to Ian and have him arrange the rides. Up to this morning, I was still updating Ian with young people jumping in last minute and even confirming ride times. But even when I'm stressing out about something (that I usually put myself in to being with) and I feel like nobody cares, I know that God is bigger than I could ever be and that it all, one way or another, works out just fine. There were about 80-90 people in total at Carol and Mark's tonight and I even had to admit that within the first five minutes of stepping into the garage, I was a little bit scared of how many people had actually all come together for our outing. It just warmed my heart that young people could gather together outside of church, play pool, sit around, talk, eat dinner, roast marshmallows, withstand campfire heat and smell and smoke and be in each other's presence. 
  2. I led some singing/worship time tonight playing acoustic guitar! Granted, it was completely acoustic -- no mics, no sound system, no amps, nothing. Just our voices and two acoustic guitars. It just so happened that none of the regular guitarists could make it tonight so I did what I could do best, which was to take the opportunity and use what little chords I knew and led some singing time. We ended up not having enough time for some sharing or any mini-message but I feel like God could still speak through the three songs that we sung -- and there's just something about being a worship leader and hearing tens of voices singing along with you, praising God for how much He loves us ...that blows me away each and every time. It never gets old. 
  3. I studied today! So I only understood one chapter of Stats and gave up on the other two BUT I started making notes for my phonetics midterm and was even enjoying myself, while listening to Taylor Swift. (PS: I really like her Speak Now album ... I wasn't such a big fan before but this album really sings to me) 
I wasn't feeling so positive during the day but writing this out made me realize that despite feeling completely worn out and drained right now, it was a pretty great day. How was your Saturday? 

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  1. There's always something simple and sweet about hearing people singing to God with just an acoustic guitar :)