Monday, October 17, 2011

Happiness Day #3

It's 12:05am as I begin writing this blog post and I haven't started studying yet tonight. To be fair, as soon as I got home three hours ago, I was on the phone and texting with a couple of different people regarding something that needed help and also advice. I ended up calling one of those people with whom I was communicating and just shared some of my thoughts with them and also prayed with them.

If there's anything I am thankful for, it's the ability to just invite young people into prayer and hear them pray out loud with me. There's so much encouragement in the voice of a young person, talking to God and being a part of that conversation. I think another factor would be that young people have started to shy away from the idea of praying out loud. When I was a little seventh grader, I would jump at opportunities to read out my favourite stanza of a hymn or of a song or get really flustered over something that I really wanted to say out loud in prayer. Nowadays, it's just a handful of people who really jump.

So I'm thankful for opportunities to be in prayer and conversation with God, with other young people. It helps me feel like I'm actually doing something right -- most of all, not for my benefit but for His.

The other thing that made me happy (I've realized that I start with this mentality about what am I thankful for? when it's really a Happiness Challenge, not necessarily a Thanksgiving Challenge though they kind of go hand-in-hand) was how my day went today, specifically regarding my stats course. I've been feeling really discouraged by this course because it's one of my potential Master's requirements and so, I decided to take it this semester. I didn't take data back in high school but I had read that you didn't really need to in order to do well in this course. But oh, dear God, it's like my biology course all over again. What I mean is that I'm not motivated to do the readings or work (though I do have a small motivation because I really want to do my Masters) and it's really challenging for me to grasp the idea or concepts of statistics. I expressed my frustrations out briefly to one of my best friends and also classmates in this course and it just bugged me how incapable I was of pushing myself to do better. I've always been told "You have potential, Silvia" ...yeah, that's great; just how do get to using it.

Anyway, bitterness aside! I hadn't done all of the readings or homework for this week (we missed a class because of Thanksgiving) and so I was a little nervous for the weekly quiz we do in our tutorials. But God was really merciful and my TA ended up giving us the formula, and the quiz was based on a concept in the chapter that I actually read and understood ... all you really had to do after that was input numbers, calculate some sums and do some division and voila, 0.86 was the answer!

Oh, the simple things that make me happy. On a side note, I brought my school friend to Future's Bakery before our linguistics class at night, where we had breakfast for dinner. I got the Super Omelette again and finished it all this time! Even the toast! I was that hungry.

Now, onto studying. Or maybe I should go to sleep so I have a good night of rest before a full day of studying. Hmm....

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