Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happiness #8

So this is now on track, for Saturday, which will become Sunday in two minutes starting now. By the time I finish this, Sunday will have already started.

One minute.

Things that made me super happy today: worship and praising God & getting good sales.

I put it in that order because anything that has to do with leading worship and music and just all of that always goes first. I love it. And though you may not completely understand the real mentality or misinterpret it, I always say that if it were possible, I would do it for a living or my career or just for life. But alas, this world doesn't allow that easily. Tonight at my youth group was just really special and I think there are a couple of things that just did it so well for me tonight:

  • Having a really productive and good practice -- we had a little nicks here and there but there was communication, understanding and time well spent
  • The most random combination of kinds of food for dinner but probably the best dinner too -- fish and chips, chicken, rice, this BBQ'd meat, pork dumplings, etc.
  • Praying together as a group -- I've grown to really love praying with other people; it's just crazy encouraging and helps get things off shoulders
  • A great worship time -- I think that the flow went well tonight from song to song and it was just really refreshing to come back together with the youth after not being together for three weeks. 
Now...getting good sales. I'm not going to give away any numerical values but I will say that on my receipt, I had saved more than I had spent, which really surprised me. A lot of the things that I got were really practical and also final sale but I don't think twice about any of them. Yet. It was a 50% off sale items at Gap today (one of my part-time jobs) and I had made sure to put in some time this morning to stop by and get some stuff. 

And since I'm bored and I like looking at clothes online too (it's a terrible habit of, I mean), here are a few pictures of what I ended up getting:

Ribbed shawl-collar sweater in heather gray

Rayon racerback tank (i actually do have this intense orange colour already) in black (x2)

Knit inset skinny cargo pants in fatigue green (these i can think about...but i've always wanted a pair of green-ish cargo pants; just one of those things)

Ribbon-waist printed skirt in black print

Tie-lapel blazer in river clay

1969 belted denim blazer in light caicos

...there goes my uh. i think we call it narcissism? anyway, at least now all you sort-of noninexistant readers know. ...oh dear. that may not be good. haha. shameless advertising. i considered this my fall shopping spree. AND it was a super great sale. 

talking done. i will be zipping my mouth closed now.


ps: i'm editing the time so it seems like i wrote this on saturday, which i did...when i started writing it but it's just so the day numbers of this challenge don't get confused with the actual days. 

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