Sunday, October 16, 2011

Happiness Day #2

To be honest, I wasn't thinking so much about what would stand out as happy moments or things during my day today and usually when that happens, I'm forced to reflect upon my day and really think about what moments during the day were happy moments (and the rest are usually either neutral or unhappy). So, here's my list of things that made me happy today (yes, I do lists most of the helps me organize my thoughts since I usually write on the whim):

  • A really, really dear sister came back home to visit for the weekend and I didn't realize how much I missed her until she was here. And really, it wasn't even a imissyouineedtotalktoyouabouteverything kind of miss, it was just a heartfelt, mutual miss. She'd turned to me at the end of our lunch together (as a group with several other people) and just said, "I really miss you Silv." And to be completely honest, I think that really struck me hard because most of the time these days, I run around my life and about my day thinking that I'm not that important (being one student out of thousands of thousands at UofT kind of reinforces that feeling) and that even my close friends don't really miss me the way I miss them. It was just really good to see her and even if the lunch was as a group, just being with her and hearing her laugh, watching her zone out, listening to her stories and being part of her visit back home was great. 
  • Despite not getting a ton of studying in and not even that much sleep, I got a ride to my best guy friend's parents' house for his surprise birthday party and as I stepped into the house (which was ironically really close to the elementary school that I attended and also where I met this guy friend), I was greeted by these old high school classmates. Now, here's the whole point of this...ramble, these were people in high school who I didn't really hang out with...they were a group of friends, I knew them, I could say I was friends with them, but biggest connection to them (so I felt upon entering) was that I was friends with the guy friend and that we all went to the same high school. As the night went on though, it was just nice to shed off all of the old high school clique feelings and just hang out with these people. You know? To not have my titles as Yearbook Editor or Head of the prom committee over my head, chasing them down for their deposits or their grad messages -- instead just as their friend and old classmate. And it was nice to do something nice back to my guy friend, who'd surprised me in person on my birthday. Thought it was fair. 
Right now...I am still in the "dining room" with my stuff sprawled out on the table, typing this blog post away. I told myself that if I was going to get through at least one of the three challenges that I had set myself up for, I would have to really try. Oh, the joys of life, not that this isn't joyous. It's just that while the rest of my family is in bed now, I am still up studying. #studentlife

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