Monday, October 31, 2011

Happiness #16

I'm going to pretend like it's still Halloween and not almost 1 AM.

Instead of things that I'm happy for (biggest thing today, finally done all my midterms), I'm going to write down a list of things I've always wanted to do or learn how to do or now think about doing...(I know, there are a lot of...different ways of wording it). Just off the top of my head:

  • paint a room 
  • have a "free" wall (to write/paint on)
  • drive stick/manual
  • how to play all the other instruments of a band 
  • knit 
  • use a sewing (thanks Jing!) machine
  • use a DSLR (or learn more about it) 
  • record music
i was starting to get into thinking mode so i thought it'd be best to stop there. i can't quite process things well after midnight sentences get a little funny. sounding. goodnight! 

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