Friday, October 21, 2011

Happiness #7

As you can probably see...I've slacked off so I'm just going to write two separate posts. This one's for Friday (I'm writing it on a Saturday, but...have changed the date/time of the post).

Things that made me happy: a nice conversation with a stranger

When did the world get so cold that talking to each other, just small talk, became strange or too weird to do? Right after I caught my train at Sheppard station heading south to volunteering, I snagged the standing spot by the doors and as I was doing that, I noticed the man who was standing on the other side of the doors look over at me and follow my actions. I had a sneaking suspicion that he was looking at my food (Thai Express) but I shrugged it off. As I was standing there, I then noticed he looked a couple of more times. He wasn't scary looking, though I have to admit I hadn't taken a look at that point yet. Just really tall, wearing a trench coat or something. Finally he looked over again, I could tell this time he was definitely looking at my food (Pad Thai) and finally spoke: "That one's my favourite."

And that was the start of a 10-ish line conversation. He even pulled out the Halloween decorations he had gotten from the dollar store for his nephew (or his kid?).

That totally my morning. That and I worked a shift in the morning that since I haven't been working that often, every time that I go in, I find that I enjoy it more and have a better time. AND I had a great conversation with one of my coworkers, who recently started switching courses to go into Speech Therapy later too! After not working at my store for the entire summer (due to a full-time job position I got), I felt like I had gotten out of the loop with all of my coworkers so it was good to ease back in.

Another great one was the fact that I was shopping around and looking at stuff to buy when my manager told me that tomorrow (or now, today) was going to be 50% off sale items. Can I say booyeah? I suppose I'll have to save that part for the next post, which I will write immediately ... aka now.

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