Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happiness #9

I'm so tired. And for that, I am very, very happy that I will be going to sleep soon and that I had a very good nap this afternoon (though I woke up and still felt really tired -- is my body trying to tell me something?)

I'm also happy for good criticism. And from unknown and ridiculous reason, I keep writing as if it's things that I am thankful for, and not really happy about. But I guess you could say that it just makes me happy when people you know are open to critique and also open for suggesting criticism. It helps better you and it helps do things that you may have not thought were okay. So for the songs this morning on Sunday, I was told that I should choose keys that I could sing in and that were comfortable for me. Which, in one way, is kind of selfish but in a musical ...point of view, if the leading vocalist is singing a song that isn't comfortably in their voice range, wouldn't it be distracting and also not good at facilitating worship for the congregation?

While school may not be something for me to be happy about, life and good times with people is something to be happy about.


  1. Really? I thought you were fine and that it would be more important to sing at a key that the congregation would be able to sing at, but what do i know? :-P

  2. Wow, this post was definitely written at a time where my brain was not functioning. Haha, I'm also not going to bother editing it, just because.

    No worries, that's pretty much the general understanding! The difficulty comes to when songs are written in keys that the original artist can sing but not necessarily worship leaders singing them. So for example, Marvelous Light and He Is Exalted were lowered, which was really comfortable and right in my vocal range but we've sung the song in its original key or even raised it when it's a male leading it.