Wednesday, June 1, 2011


the one on the left is "Mademoiselle" and the one on the right is "Limo-Scene"

who knew i'd be telling a nail polish story. anyhoo, here goes nothing: about a year ago, i spotted the Limo-Scene nail polish in shoppers, inevitably and picked it up. it became my favourite nail polish. which means a lot considering i didn't even really like wearing nail polish before. it's an off-white/pink colour that thickens and looks more white-like after two coats. i recently (as in just a couple of hours ago) purchased Mademoiselle with a friend of mine at trade secrets, and really like it! i have it on my left hand right now, yes only my left hand and it's a clear, light pink colour. the pink is very subtle which is perfect for me because i'm not a pink kind of girl.

anyway! here goes to collecting nail polish. good ones at least. i have a knack for picking up things, such as clothes and even random things like nail polish, that aren't crazy good quality and they just lie around, waiting until the lucky day where i might pick them up and actually wear/use them.

la mademoiselle vous souhaite une bonne nuit!

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