Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 1 - A picture of yourself with fifteen facts.

  1. the dress above is my only pink item of clothing in my closet. i recently purchased a couple of coral-like tops but nothing actually pink. luckily, the print makes it so the pink’s not too flashy for me. 
  2. i speak english and french fluently (though the latter not as good as the former now after one year of university), understand and speak a little bit of mandarin and can understand/speak very basic spanish
  3. i’m a tad bit OCD when it comes to organizing papers and files, as well as planning events and taking on anything that has to do with logistics and planning 
  4. i got my first upright piano at the age of one for my birthday, and then my second one before i turned twelve
  5. music has grounded me for my entire life 
  6. i was a little, rebel church-goer before i finally came to love Christ on my own in grade seven
  7. my phone is a blackberry
  8. i can be an emotional roller coaster
  9. i really adore penguins. especially fluffy, furry, baby penguins
  10. i have default answers for certain stereotype questions: for example, my favourite colour is green (but i also like red and black, and blue), or my favourite food is chicken wings (but burritos are so good too)
  11. if i had all the money to spend in the world, i would have a crazy collection of things and hobbies: photography, longboard, rock climbing, grand piano, art studio, basketball, swimming, race car, library, scarves, tea, etc. 
  12. i like making lists
  13. silvia + too much free time = not good // in other words, i like to be kept busy
  14. my full name is silvia shilei (“shi” is from the word poet, “lei” from flower bulb) li
  15. if i could do it for the rest of my life, i would lead worship.  

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