Thursday, January 13, 2011

Je sais que je ne suis pas toujours facile
Et je sais que je te rends la vie parfois difficile
Et je sais que c'est dur, c'est dur d'être toi
Mais je sais qu'avant c'était pas comme ça

discovered this song from a friend's newsfeed on facebook. i really miss French. there are a couple of things that are now, characteristics of who i am. piano being one, French being the other. whatever comes next...i suppose i have yet to really figure out.

school's been good. i'm not working much this term (note: no shifts this week) so i have a lot of time to spare and no friends to see. i'm kidding about the last part! it's just too cold and wet outside. the snow's finally hit, so it's really beautiful when it falls but tedious during a commute to school. i quote my brother, "silvia. it's so nice when the snow first falls. it's so white looks good...and when it's not windy." ha, i love him.

i'm a little taken back by all this free time. i did make a plan of my to-do's today, since i have much more time than before...
  • eat lunch 
  • do my biology reading
  • do my sociology reading
  • work out (run on the treadmill for 30 minutes...then who knows)
  • practice Betty for my kollaboration audition
hope your day's been beautiful! 

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