Saturday, January 8, 2011

17 months

i just signed up for Kollaboration Toronto 2011, which is totally crazy and just random for me because...when was the last time i even participated in a talent showcase?

and high school doesn't count.

i'm excited and a little nervous at the same time. i wish that i could go and sing Brooke Fraser's Who Are We Fooling but this time, i will be going solo. i have so many plans and hopes and dreams and little goals for myself; i think this one will be a good start for the new year. so instead, i'll be doing Gravity by Sara Bareilles. she's one of my musical...idols, i suppose that would be a good word. not particularly an "influence" nor somebody i would worship though. i admire her. i admire her for her music, for her soul of jazz and blues and ability to express it on the piano and through her smart but quirky lyrics. a friend of mine told me back in december that my voice suited that kind of music, let alone the song in particular. i'm learning how to work with my voice, where it can go and what it cannot do. i need to embrace it more.

i think that applies to everything actually...embracing it all.

this too. writing. blogging. shall i embrace it?

last but not least on my mind, thank you, thank you, thank You so much for seventeen months.

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