Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 2: UFC fights and growing up

ever since i started joining a group of people from my church, once a month, gathering together to watch the UFC fights, i learned a couple of things:

  • some guys do know the sailor moon theme song by heart, or at least the first two lines, while others may be interested in hearing about nail polish application as it actually relates to painting walls
  • the worst UFC fight was definitely during UFC129...that blood tumour was just plain bad. and there was a whole lot of blood
  • having wings, even if they're the ones you pop into the oven for fifteen minutes, while watching a fight is definitely essential. that and probably the beers that the legal adults can have that i can't just yet and the pop that i do get to have 
  • veggies and dip = healthy and delicious and good munchies
  • don't exclaim or laugh out loud by yourself...wait until everybody else is booing or making sounds because of something that happened during the fight 
  • make sure you tell your parents that you're going to be home late. and that it's because you're watching people fight each other. 
...okay, so those were particularly interesting, but i thought i'd try to write something interesting out of having watched the UFC fights.

as for the "growing up" part of my entry title, i don't know why this is starting up again for me. maybe it's because of certain things just happening one after another, closely together. maybe it's because of my protective, jealous, stubborn yet really loving (and i don't say that to boast, but because i just know it's filled with too much love) heart. or maybe it's because i'm just...growing up. but here goes:

do your own thing. figure out what it you need to do. nobody's there to hold you back. God's got your back. you've got a life to live. 

i know that's vague and all, but...i really can't justify any of it when it's all that inspirational quotes can give you. granted, those came from my own mind just moments ago but it does apply to me. and you. and who else. 

"you have potential"

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