Friday, March 4, 2011

Spring H&M trends

i am currently still in my in-between-midterms, so that's why i'm currently watching the latest episode of america's next top model (just because i'm already caught up with my usual shows) and flipping through H&M's magazine's spring issue. key points from their trends section (even though i couldn't ever keep up with all of these trends):

MODERN SAFARI: a new look for a big-city safari.
this spring, staying in style is all about having the right attitude. all you need are a few new key items inspired by safari and functional fashion. tight or loose pants, stiff or soft material - choose pieces that give you the silhouette you want. aim for a look that's smart and elegant or casually feminine - whatever suits you best. details like multiple pockets or epaulets play up your smart side, while lace and silk add contrasting feminity. top it off with thematically correct accessories likes aviator glasses and ankle-high boots. sweet savannah style.

FLIRTY SIXTIES: back to the swinging sixties!
fresh energy. the flirty glamour of the sixties inspires. the look is dressy yet sexy, with classic A-line and babydoll skirts and dresses. short jackets and slacks create an elegant feel, while tunics and miniskirts are schoolgirl cute. the silhouette is straight and short, the materials solid-colored and form-fitting. pick your accessories with the studied care of Mad Men style beacon Joan Holloway - a mini-bag and colored sunglasses are just the thing.

URBAN NOMAD: hit the modern hippie trail
world style is here to stay, now with fresh country life and folkloric influences. memories of Greenwich Village in the seventies meet rural romance and a new breed of hippie glamour. for inspiration, look to style icons like Kate moss and Sienna Miller - and to India. India is the source of the relaxed shapes, dramatic fall lengths and layered style. it's also the source of many of the patterns, fine handworked details and accessories. think leather and suede, and jewelry of brass and copper. add big rings and long, lightweight shawls. the result is cool and romantic with a dash of rock'n'roll.

MINIMALISM: clean lines for spring
simplicity is back in style. today's version updates nineties minimalism with a fresh breath of nature and poetry, adding details like lace and embroidery. the silhouette is casual, the colors and materials light. the fabrics are washed and faded, with delicate patterns in thin watercolors, organic shapes and floral prints, often on linen, which is rapidly becoming a new favorite material. for certain success, combine a casual blazer with white jeans and t-shirt. or create a simple yet romantic look with a lace top or a cute dress. as for accessories, stick to the same stripped-down program. simple silver jewelry, flowers in your hair and sandals -spot on for the spring of 2011.

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