Monday, November 7, 2011

Happiness Day #20

Gap came out with plaid shirts for women. FINALLY. Granted, there are only four patterns and I only like two of them but it was a great fit, good fabric and good plaid patterns. AND it came to about the same price as an H&M plaid shirt, only with better quality and I could get it from my store. If you want to check them out, just click here.

I also got some of the MAXIMUMHEAT tights that we get around this time of the year. I'm not a fan of buying clothes or clothing that come in packages (e.g.: tights, pajamas, socks) but I thought I'd give it a try and so far, so good.

I know I've been talking about work a lot lately because I've picked up just a few shifts (just a few...I don't even work half as often as I did during first year) and it's pretty much all that's exciting in my life right now. That and it's a two-day reading week for UofT and I didn't get any "reading" done.


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